Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just for you, CINTE HATI !

even today I wander after my memories
and I'm staying around the end of this road
even though I can't see you again, you're holding on to me
I'm questioning this road again
that I miss you, that I want to embrace you again
I pray as I look towards the sky

It has to be you, I can't do it without you
like this one day, one month or one more year
It's okay if I ache, I'm okay even if my heart hurts
That's right because I love only you

I can't send you away a second time
I can't forget you and live on

My bruised heart is telling me to find you
screaming out
where are you? Don't you hear my voice?
to me..
even if I lived again, even if I was reborn a thousand times
I can't live without you for one single day
I will protect this love, I will love this love
That's right because I'm only happy if I'm with you

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