Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Last Day(╥_╥)

- tengs to kaka MAMA CHOP PAPA GRIL -

31 Oktober 2010
my last day work at HOOVER
I don't know why
no such feelings
don't want happy, also don't wanna upsetFont size

only 5 people attending
before that, I think there will be 6 people
but there have someone didn't wanna see me
hm, its oke la(T^T)

unfortunately, if it is the end of the month
why ???
coz no money la....
otherwise, I can treat my friends
like buy big cake
or dinner

before back, sending my friends
return to their homes
when arrive in front their homes
I give a gift
only a small gift la
coz no money

my friend complain
" why u give ur CIDAHA a big gift ah ???? "
coz he special lo ^^
haiyo my friends
although it just a small gift
it is comes from my heart u know ?
but my friend who like to complain doesn't know
I have a surprise for him
first, I just give him a small gift
but when arrive in front his house
I open the car bonnet
and take the birthday gift for him
although it is too late, I still have an opportunities to say

oh, I think it was the first time I make a surprise for someone(",)

~ DA n ~

p/s :
although rarely meet ,
I will never forget my friends .
especially all those moments with them .
so sad when remembered(╥_╥)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last Day Coming(╥_╥)

don't know what will happen on my last day
wanna take many pictures
give my friends gifts
my friend also invite me for the last dinner
don't know can go or not(--")
depends on my parents
if their mood is oke, so oke la
if not ???
reallyREALLY sori lo(╥_╥)
but I'm really wanna meet my CIDAHA for the last time

~ DA n ~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Last OFF day.

my last OFF day has come !
many things happened today
such as :

wash my work uniform

scratched by my cat (EMO)

eat Marrybrown(MB)

go karaoke

oh, tonight feel so tired(--")
but still wanna dinner with my friends
for celebrate my friend's birthday
so, I asked permission from my father
his answer really made me feel disappointed
he told me " girls night out is not good "
ha ????
if so, please change me to be a boy la....
coz my big brother always back home late night when go out with his friend
but my parents are not angry with him
really unlucky to be a girl ah(--")

~ DA n ~

p/s :
I saw my friend bought a new handphone
jelousy ah .
when my time will come to have a new handphone ?
hope in November month ^^

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My 3rd OFF day.


today, nothing interesting happen
just watching DVD

ICE KACANG puppy love

Resident Evil After Life

One Liter Of Tears

and in the evening
eating doughnut with my 2 sister
today is boring day(--")

there is a time when I'm on9 my Facebook
I see my friend Facebook
and I think
If I know that she free today
I will invite her for lepakings
I'm stupid ah ??

~ DA n ~

Monday, October 25, 2010

My 2nd OFF day.

location: toilet BILLION

meet my friends who haven't met a few month
we all didn't change
still same as before la
but I was kind of unusual to talk to them
coz what ha ?
I have another way of talking

only half-day lepakings
still not enough for me la(T^T)

~ DA n ~

My 1st OFF day.



don't know why
since been working, lazy to clean my own room
so, I spent my first OFF day to clean my own room
so many dust meyh(--")
I need a lot of time to make sure everything was clean
guess what ha ?
I clean the room from afternoon until evening
haiyo..backache coming
feel like myself have grown old
heyHEY. I'm just 8teen oke ?

~ DA n ~

Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Time ^o^

- via webcam HHA :D -

ari pe erk? alamak. lupe pulak,
japJAP. nak engat balek.
ha...ari JUMAAT !!
agakAGAK pe yg terjadi erk?
jengJENG. HHE :))
kenape aku epi sangat neyh?
agakAGAK ?
mesti topiknye CIDAHA lo.
nak tau ta ?
ari neyh dia datang kedai tempat aku keje
time tuh aku dh nmpk dye
tp aku sengaje buatBUAT bz serve customer
and then ??
aku denga satu sore panggil name aku
" Diana...... "
OMG !!
dia panggil name aku !!
fes time seyh
memang aku ta sangke gilaGILA ah .
blushing la kononnye time tuh
sambil gelakGELAK manje
aku borak jap nan dye
member aku at sbla neyh dh usikUSIK kitowunk
" so sweet....."
memang time borak nan dye
jantung aku b'debarDEBAR semacam
aku dh stat suke dye kea ?
(--") !!!

~ DA n ~

Dino birth again ?

- actually there is three but the other was crawling to another place(--") -

yaya, Dino gave birth to another kitten again
i don't understand about Dino
she has given birth four kitten
and now ?
three kitten
didn't know until when my 'family' will be increased(--")
my parents have thought to throw Dino
my sister and I deny
coz we love Dino
already consider her as our family
( although sometimes Dino a bitch harsh with my sister and I )
so? suppose what is the name given to this three kitten ah ??
coming soon... ^^

~ DA n ~

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


today, scolded by a customers
I don't know why they are often assume staff as their slave
always in a huff
put on strap on shoes also wanna me to do
hello? I'm not ur slave oke ?
u really kind of pig ah !!
after scolded, I go to toilet, crycry n cry !!
don't noe why I was kind of quick to cry(T^T)
hate my own tears
can I throw it ah ?????

my friend saw I was crying at that time
he asked " why are u crying??? "
i didn't answer his question
sori meyh(--")
I really had no mood at that time


almost time to close shop
suddenly !!!
I saw a blue car, parking in front of the shop
I really don't think that he would come at this night
unspeakable shame
just waved to him as a sign of greeting
he responded well
yaya, it is MY CIDAHA ^^
after packing stores
I just sat in shop, waiting at 10 o'clock
my heart feel thump
coz MY CIDAHA waiting for his friend at outside

promptly at 10 o'clock
I go outside and see MY CIDAHA in his car
( so cool... )
he look at me la !!
and asked " u not drive car today ? "
I answer " not la. my mum use lo, today I just use motor "
he just nodded
and said something that I think all girls wanna hear from a boys that they LIKE
" 'drive' carefully, don't speed rate ha "
OMG !!
I don't noe what my feeling at that time
I just wondered, is he worried about me ????
only just my feeling lo~~
but I would be delighted if he was really worried about me(' ',)

~ DA n ~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

T-Shirt Andox

present from my lovely friend ^^

yaya, tengs to Toh Guo Ping aka Dino Toh
coz willing to give me this t-shirt as birthday gift
tengs a lot !!
actually, I really like this cartoon
I wish I can have stuff that related to this cartoon ^^

~ DA n ~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saw A Kitten Again ^^

after discussion with my sista, his name is DITOT(' ',)

monink, after the storm hit
I heard a voice of kitten behind my house
at the time, i wondered
then, my sista n I went to open the back door
i look around, my eyes saw something
the black one !!!
and I take my slipper then I went near that things
OMG !!!
I saw a kitten in soaking wet condition
so pity la(--")
so, i took the kitten and i put in a cage('',)

~ DA n ~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

story mory :))

I wanna tell about the story yesterday
my CIDAHA came to my workplace
but at that time I was serving customers
( the luggage one !! HHA :D )
when I went to the counter, I was shocked !
'coz what ha ??
he suddenly was in front of my eyes
and the first words he said to me with smiling
" hello..."
just one word, it makes me very happy plus shame
OMG !!
is it true, I starting to like him ???
if it is true, i don't want to tell him about my feelings
I know he wouldn't had same feelings like me
'coz me and him have a different race
and there are also other reasons
for example: I wasn't PRETTY like other girls


oh, something suddenly happens !!
I noticed a scar on his right arm
then I ask him
how could he get that scar
he just said he got that scar when working
I wasn't able to say anything
I just thinking, he's always working in adverse conditions
so pity laaaa....(--")


today evening, he came again to my workplace
with his two friends who are also my friend
very happy in the evening
I really miss two of them damn much la !!!
I thought they've forgotten me
but my expectation is wrong
they still remember me
old people said was true, friends is not easily forgotten
especially the reallyREALLY close friends
(' ',)

~ DA n ~
p/s :
oh, I already forgot somethings
but I not remember what it is(--")

Thursday, October 7, 2010

MYVI ITAM yang ****

hari neyh aku off day
so, disebabkan semalam aku tido dalam jam 2.0oam
pagi tuh mate aku memang liat nak bukak
sampai ta sempat nak sahur(--")
tapi aku tetap tabahkan hati untuk ganti puasa :)

dalam jam 1.3opm lebey gitu la
ummi aku balek dari sekolah
then beliau berkata
" Na, nanti tolong amek Ami tau. Dalam kol 2 "
aku oke jea coz time tuh memang tade nak wat pape kan.
nak dijadikan cerite, mase tuh aku tengah drive
de satu MYVI hitam depan aku
bawak slow gile
makcikMAKCIK klu bawak memang cmtuh la stail dye
ta mcm menyirap pulak aku time tuh
bile sampai depan trafic light
lampu ijau dah tuko jadi kuning
MYVI depan neyh bley pulak terhegeh-hegeh
bile sampai turn dye nak belok
lampu still kuning
tapi makcik neyh buley pulak berhenti tengaTENGA line kuning tuh
ta macam gelakGELAK pulak aku tengok
then aku amek la gamba gune nset lauya aku
( sebab tuh gambar ta bape berkualiti )

: meh meh, tengok sini :

location : trafic light depan SSP :D

bile pkPK la kan
aku rase makcik neyh tade lesen la
klu de pong ntah skola memandu mane dye blaja
( aku neyh klu bab mengutuk owunk memang hebat )

~ DA n ~

p/s: semalam sebelum tutup kedai
sempat jugak bergurau senda dengan supervisor aku
muleMULE sibuk cite klu lelaki badan besar, dye punya ***** kecik n pendek
then aku kate " so, klu kurus?? hmmm.... " (sambil tersenyum sinis)
supervisor aku tros kate " u punye CIDAHA la. wau, Diana memang suka punye "
ta tahan gelak aku time tuh
tapi agakAGAK betol kea ea???
kengkadang aku agak lucah jugak (",)

lauya : loko atau dalam kamus dewan bermaksud tidak berapa bagus